Athena Cremation Urn

SKU: 1535-CU


Two stunning brass urns with a brushed pewter finish and a heart shaped base. The Athena Cremation Urn is designed to hold two adults. Each urn has a ring of leaves etched onto the body and lid of the urn. This leaf pattern has been hand-tooled by skilled atrisans.  This cremation urn is made from solid brass, requires no maintenance and is very well made and is heavy in weight. 



  • 2 x solid brass and brushed pewter finish
  • Heart shaped base to hold 2 urns
  • The bottom of the heart base is felted to protect your furniture
  • A threaded lid enables ashes to be placed inside the urn and securely sealed and closed



SIZE Adult x 2
CAPACITY 3.0lt in each urn (6.0lt total)
DIMENSIONS 29cm H x 42cm W x 23 D
MATERIALS Brass, Brushed Pewter



This urn is handcrafted by skilled artisans. As this urn is individually unique, variations may appear attributable to the use of handcrafted methods. 



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