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Use a metal tape measure. Soft measuring tapes that bend or fold will not provide you with the level of accuracy you are after.

Measure every window you plan to cover. Even windows that look identical to the eye can vary slightly in size.

Round to the nearest 1/8th”. This is where having a metal tape measure (and your glasses!) really comes in handy.

Notate measurements in width by height. It is very easy to flip those numbers around but doing so will cause many headaches down the line.

Dlemo Design

Keeping these guidelines in mind, it is time to take your window measurements. Once you know the width and height, you can begin to get a sense of the materials cost of your project.

Below, is a sampling of pricing for battery embedded motorized shades based on geographical location and window treatment size. Prices may vary further depending on your fabric choice, type of window treatment you desire, special installations and modifications. Always check with your Somfy dealer for exact pricing.

Location Size Price
New York 3×4 $700
New York 5×5 $800
New York 8×6 $1050
New York 8×10 $1250
New York 10×10 $1500
Location Size Price
North Carolina 3×4 $600
North Carolina 5×5 $700
North Carolina 8×6 $850
North Carolina 8×10 $1050
North Carolina 10×10 $1250
Location Size Price
Georgia 3×4 $600
Georgia 5×5 $700
Georgia 8×6 $1000
Georgia 8×10 $1250
Georgia 10×10 $1700
Location Size Price
Florida 3×4 $700
Florida 5×5 $800
Florida 8×6 $1200
Florida 8×10 $1500
Florida 10×10 $2000
Location Size Price
Texas 3×4 $750
Texas 5×5 $950
Texas 8×6 $1200
Texas 8×10 $1500
Texas 10×10 $2000
Location Size Price
Arizona 3×4 $600
Arizona 5×5 $700
Arizona 8×6 $850
Arizona 8×10 $1000
Arizona 10×10 $1300
Location Size Price
Colorado/Utah 3×4 $600
Colorado/Utah 5×5 $700
Colorado/Utah 8×6 $900
Colorado/Utah 8×10 $1100
Colorado/Utah 10×10 $1300
Location Size Price
California 3×4 $700
California 5×5 $800
California 8×6 $1050
California 8×10 $1250
California 10×10 $1500
Location Size Price
Minnesota 3×4 $600
Minnesota 5×5 $700
Minnesota 8×6 $850
Minnesota 8×10 $1050
Minnesota 10×10 $1200
Location Size Price
Canada 3×4 $600
Canada 5×5 $700
Canada 8×6 $850
Canada 8×10 $1050
Canada 10×10 $1200

This chart is a sampling from some of our major states to provide you with general information. Prices by dealers may vary. Ask your dealer for details

Installation Costs

While DIY is all the rage nowadays, some projects call for the expertise of a professional. Utilizing a professional dealer for motorized window coverings is a smart choice since the professional can walk you through every step of the process and ensure the whole project runs smoothly. While this will impact the cost of your project, most people feel that it is worth working with a professional so that the job is done right the first time.

Professionals don’t just make sure your project is measured and installed correctly, they’re also great at helping you determine the specifics of your project along the way. They can let you know if a battery-powered or hard-wired option would work better for your space and can suggest what type of fabric will create a dark bedroom for sleeping or a light-filled living room. A Somfy dealer can help you avoid getting the wrong type of shade for your space and point you in the right direction to create the smart, stylish home of your dreams.